The benefits of a regular meditation practice

May 21, 2019

Today is world meditation day.

I started practicing meditation a few years ago during one of my career breaks.

Like many people, I used the Headspace App enjoying the guided meditation and soothing sound of Andy Puddicombe’s voice as he helped me slowly build up my meditation practice.

Once I had worked my way through the entire Headspace App my meditation practice slipped for a while. I found that what I was really craving was to be able to reach that blissful state on my own steam. That’s when I joined a meditation course in London and, wow, what an incredible experience. Not only did I learn how to meditate sans technology but I also felt the power of group meditation.

I am fortunate to currently be spending most of my time living in paradise here in Costa Rica however even so, I often hear people say ‘I just need time for me’ or ‘I have so much going on I am struggling to keep on top of things’.

World Meditation Day is a call to all of us to make the time to participate in this ancient practice and to clear our minds. We are constantly being bombarded with information, thanks to mobile devices usually within arms length. Meditation gives us the opportunity for quiet time to connect with ourselves, to calm our minds.

It has been shown that a regular meditation practice has positive mental and physical effects. Reduced blood pressure, a calmer demeanor, and more precise thought are all results of practicing meditation. Whenever I feel a little overwhelmed or anxious my drug of choice is meditation. It is part of my morning ritual – 20 minutes every morning before I start my day. It truly is the best tonic!

I encourage you to find a place today, for just a few minutes, where you can sit comfortably, close your eyes, breathe steadily, and let all your thoughts wander clear from your mind like puffy white clouds in the sky floating past.

I also encourage you to incorporate meditation as part of your health and fitness regime and, like any exercise, practice daily and slowly build up your practice to 20 minutes each day. In around four weeks you will enjoy the full benefits of regular meditation!



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