Currently based in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica, teaching Pilates from the beautiful beachside Florblanca studio

Local residents and tourists of all ages and abilities, from many different countries enjoy this tranquil space to practice Pilates as part of their health and fitness regime, to rehabilitate from and prevent injury and to have fun!

Of course many of us also enjoy practicing Pilates outdoors – and where better than on a beautiful beach or a deck overlooking the ocean?

Born from the desire to experience more movement, to simplify and to make a meaningful contribution to the immediate community.

Having experienced the healing benefits of Pilates, wanting to play a more active role in looking after our environment, and the desire to be part of a community where healthy living, environmental awareness and community purpose existed, Mav Wynn, the founder of SoulPowerPilates, decided to focus full-time on teaching Pilates, live next to the ocean and get involved in community and environmental initiatives.

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Benefits of STOTT Pilates

Pilates is one of the fastest growing methods of exercise as it offers stress relief, is kind and gentle to the body whilst improving fitness, helps prevent injury and is complementary to many traditional fitness routines. It can be practiced at any age and any fitness level, and has the following benefits:

Builds core strength and stability
Improves posture and alignment
Increases flexibility, balance and coordination
Improves muscular balance and strength

Increases muscular endurance and tone
Prevents injury and heightens body awareness
Enhances athletic performance
Relieves stress and back pain

The Pilates of SoulPowerPilates 

SoulPowerPilates is rooted in the STOTT PILATES Method of teaching.
This is a contemporary approach to the original exercise method developed by Joseph Pilates. STOTT PILATES has been refined over three decades by the founders together with a team of physical therapists, sport medicine and fitness professionals. As a result STOTT PILATES includes modern principles of exercise science, fascial fitness and spinal rehabilitation, making it one of the safest and most effective methods available. STOTT PILATES exercises help people of all ages develop optimal strength, flexibility, endurance and posture without stressing joints.

This is the perfect way to complement your health and fitness regime, to tone your body, move with ease and strengthen your mind body connection.

The Pilates Studio

A luxurious oceanfront fully equipped Pilates studio offering springboard, private and semi private classes. The studio is open to students of all levels. Newcomers to Pilates will benefit from a personalised step by step introduction to the Pilates method, while more experienced students will get a chance to review their practice and work on more advanced exercises.


13 – 18 NOVEMBER 2023


Pillars of SoulPowerPilates

SoulPowerPilates is about more than just Pilates. It is about community, strength in coming together, sharing ideas, knowledge and information. It is about looking after each other and our environment.


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