SoulPowerPilates is about more than just Pilates. It is about community, strength in coming together, sharing ideas, knowledge and information. It is about looking after each other and our environment.

The purpose of SoulPowerPilates is to:
Live and help others live a life to be their best selves
Apply talents, knowledge and experience to make a positive contribution to the community
Improve the well-being of society by being more mindful


The logo

The original logo was designed by the talented Sandra Mott aka Lady Sea Wench. Josephine, named so after Joseph Pilates, and her ocean companion capture the power of movement, of female energy and the co-existence of humans and nature. They are empowered, free and strong. The circular shape of the logo encapsulates movement, continuity, the closed-loop system and the circle of life. 

Soul Power Pilates Logo with Koi Fish


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Soul Power Pilates Logo